YEAR: 2012


-Control center design
-Equipment supply
-Transport consulting
-Installation, setting and kick off.

What We Did

CETRAM El Rosario was first conceptualized in 2005, together with the initiation of talks for development of the Mexipuerto Cd. Azteca. Located within the Federal District, CETRAM El Rosario is the northern terminus of Lines 6 and 7 of the Mexico City subway system, attending to over 200 thousand users per day. The project includes approximately 58,000 m2 of construction financed by over 600 million Mexican pesos of investment.

How We Did It

Originally conceptualized in 2005, construction of CETRAM El Rosario was initiated in 2009. The development was in full operation by December of 2012. UTL was involved with the design of the Modal Transfer Area (Área de Transferencia Modal or ATM) including the implementation of the Smart Passenger system in the CETRAM, similar to Mexipuerto Cd. Azteca.