The freight transport and goods supply chain sector evolves rapidly. On one side, every day the road network infrastructure in the cities poses new barriers for the delivery of goods, while the housing and urban expansion demand more urban area, forcing logistic facilities to relocate further away. On the other side, the production centers and the supply chain in general, are shifting radically on a global scale, while the market demands efficient use of energy.

Urban Travel Logistics has developed solutions that respond to these challenges. Regarding the physical infrastructure, our projects address many aspects of the logistic process. From the focus on increasing the logistic facilities capacity by adequating their design, to the planning of a new facility location to optimize its flexibility and efficiency as a part of the supply chain.

Concerning the system operation, UTL has experience on the optimization of the software platforms, developing algorithms that reduce the storage and distribution times.

•Freight transport systems analysis and diagnosis
•Freight transport design
•Freight transport facilities design
•GPS and RFID TAG equipment of Freight transport units tracing
•GPS and RFID TAG equipment of Freight transport facilities operation