The main cause of the mobility problems in Mexico and Latin America is that it is centered in systems that are not focused on the movement of people, but on the movement of vehicles, investing public and private resources in developing infrastructure for private vehicles. This situation has polluted our cities and brought them to immobilization due to heavy traffic, disproportionately affecting the lower social strata, increasing inequity by decreasing the accessibility to services and opportunities and deserting the public spaces.

As a reaction to this situation, the firm has focused on developing integral solutions for mobility through the accessibility, environmental justice and transit oriented development approaches. Our proposals rethink the priority in the assignation of the public space to the different modes of transportation.

We are dedicated to creating projects that stand out for involving the minimum intervention and investment, while achieving the highest benefit.

Regarding private mobility, UTL provides the following services:

•Road network infrastructure design
•Intersections, roads, bicycle roads, inclusive street, pedestrian street design
•Shared bicycle systems design
•Analysis, diagnosis and planning for connectivity strategies
•Public Space Design
•Green infrastructure design for rainwater management strategies
•Wayfinding systems design